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What is AlpinMist?

AlpinMist nasal spray is a safe, fun, and refreshing way to soothe your sore nose. AlpinMist clears and rinses away dirt and allergens like pollen, mold, and dander from your nasal passages. The emollients relieve and restore your sore nose. 
Each AlpinMist spray is a base of saline and organic vegetable glycerin. The solution is the exact salinity as your tears so it won't burn or itch. Glycerin is nature's emollient and has a slightly sweet taste. Your sinuses will love it! Next we add natural ingredients that are sure to make your nose happy. All our herbs are certified organic where available, wild harvested or sustainably farmed. The herbs add different holistic properties while the saline/glycerin mist helps flush out debris from nasal surfaces. Each AlpinMist flavor has a specific character. AlpinMist restores nasal moisture, but the different herbal contents make each flavor a unique experience. Try them all to see which flavor best meets your tastes. Our sprays are gluten free, vegan, and non-GMO. 
Scents Available: 
Allergie--yerba santa, orange, menthol
Solarspice--orange, clove, mango
Altitude--juniper, ginseng, eucalyptus
Stargaze--lavender, chamomile

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